Validation and Publication

A workspace needs to be published into Smartmate for it to be available to your users. You will need to have the CLI installed for validating and publishing.

Validating a workspace

You can validate a workspace by running the cli command sm validate. If anything is invalid, it will show you the errors, so you can fix them before publishing.

Publishing a workspace

Before publishing you need to be logged into your workspace. You can login using the sm login command, and then you can publish it using the sm publish command.

sm login myworkspace
# enter your credentials
sm publish


Only users with the manage-apps permission are allowed to publish.

To exclude specific apps or folders, add them to the exclude section in the smartmate.yml file.

    - .vscode
    - node_modules
    - jspm_packages
    - .serverless

Files are excluded according to gitignore rules. To learn more about the smartmate.yml file, head to the smartmate.yml reference documentation.

What happens when publishing

All the apps defined in your workspace are updated. In other words, apps with all their components (tables, processes, templates, etc.) are deployed and are immediately available to your workspace users.

Cases that were started with an old process version won’t change and will continue to work until they are closed or archived, but newly created cases will run with the latest process versions.

Also, if there are changes in the data structure defined in the tables, such changes are applied, but old data is kept in the database.

Anyways, sometimes you might want to manually move or transform data, so you keep your database consistent. For example, if you changed a field name, you might want to move the data from the old column to the new one, so you have all the data of both old and new versions in the same column.