XLSX Templates

Smartmate renders XLSX templates using xlsx-template.

XLSX templates can be used by Smartmate to generate:

  • XLSX files

  • PDF files

The template should be created in Microsoft Excel or other software that can save a xlsx file.

Using field values and variables

Fields and variables should be surrounded by single curly braces and preceded by a dollar sign:

  • ${myField}

  • ${_vars.myVariable}

  • ${relationshipField.anotherField}

  • ${myTableField}

If the variable or field is an array, it will display the values in multiple columns.

Displaying tables

You can display table values using the following syntax:

  • ${table:myTable.column1}

Replace myTable with the name of your table field and column1 with the name of your column.

Additional Features

The XLSX templater allows placeholders to insert scalar values, columns, and tables.

Make sure you read the XLSX template official documentation to learn more.