Start Events

A start event defines where a process starts.

There are two types of start events currently supported in Smartmate:

  • Regular Start Event

  • Timer Start Event

Regular Start Event

A regular start event is represented by a circle with no inner icon.

Start Event

It might or might not have a form.

  • If it does not have a form, the process is initiated immediately after the user clicks the start process button.

  • If it has a form, the process is initiated just after the user completes the start form.

Start Event Panel

A process with a regular start event can also be initiated from an external system, by inserting an action in the corresponding GraphQL Endpoint.

Timer Start Event

A timer start event is represented by a circle with a clock icon.

Timer Start Event

It is used to create cases (process instances) at a given time. It can be used for processes that should start just once, or that should start in specific time intervals.

The following example will run the process everyday during 10 days, starting on the specified date.

Timer Start Event Panel

If Start at is deactivated, it will start running as soon as the process is published.

If Repeat n times is deactivated, it will run indefinitely.