Process Modeling

As mentioned in the Process Structure page, a process is defined by a YAML and a BPMN20.XML files. Modeling a process requires modifying those two files.


Before modeling a process, make sure you have the BPMN Editor installed.

Also, it’s a good idea to model at least a draft of the app data structure.

Defining a process

The first step for modeling a process is to define the process name and its scope.

Let’s think for example on a recruitment app. You can have one process that goes all the way from inviting a person to apply, to hiring the person.

But, that’s probably a very large process, and most likely you will want to split it in multiple processes:

  • Invite to Apply: Scope is from invitation to applicant

  • Recruitment: Scope is from applicant to candidate

  • Hiring: Scope is from candidate to employee

Once you have a name and a scope of your process, you can start modeling your processes.

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