Process FormsΒΆ

Forms are a key component of the process. They define which fields to show a user when the user is assigned a specific task.

Forms are defined into the process YAML file, and they have the following structure:

# myProcess.yml


  # the form key should start with a letter, and can only contain letters and numbers.

    # Form display name
    name: My Form

    # rows to be displayed in the form. Required.

      # Each row can be:

      # A title
      - _title: Personal Information

      # A statement
      - _statement: Please complete your personal information below

      # An HTML snippet
      - _html: <p>This is an <strong>HTML</strong> snippet</p>

      # A field of the process main table
      - email

      # A field of a table connected through a relationship field

      # An array of fields, which will be displayed in the same row
      - [firstName, middleName, lastName,]

      # field with overridden properties
      # The item key is the id of the field
      # The item properties will override the field properties.
      - active:
          readOnly: true
      - myTableField:
            - myField
            - anotherField

      # a field group
      - _group: summary

    # outcomes represent actions the user can take after filling out this form
      approve: Approve
      reject: Reject

You can find more information in the following pages, and in the Process Forms YAML Reference documentation.