When a process is initiated, it creates a new case. A case is an instance of a process. A case is always connected to a record of the mainTable.

A case has a case number, which is unique, and variables (which will last until the case is completed).

Case Status

A case can have one of the following statuses:

  • Open: The case is active.

  • Closed: The case has been completed.

  • Archived: The case has been archived. It cannot change back to Open.

  • Paused: The case has been paused. It can change back to Open.

Archiving Cases

When a case is archived, by concept, its information should be discarded.

Anyways, since multiple cases can be connected to the same record, the system takes the following approach:

  1. When a case that created a record in a main table is archived, and the record in the main table is not used by another case, the data is logically deleted. That means that the data won’t be visible anymore, except from the case history.

  2. If the record is used by another case that has not been archived, the data is not deleted.