Custom Business Logic

Smartmate is designed for Custom Business Logic to live in serverless functions or external systems.

Processes are the orchestrators that will call those endpoints, passing the required information and mapping the results back to variables or tables.

Processes and Custom Business Logic

Serverless Functions

We recommend to add all the custom business logic you need for your Smartmate Apps into serverless functions.

In the Smartmate Apps repo, you can find some examples for the most popular vendors and frameworks:

Executing Business Logic from Processes

To execute business logic from your processes, you need to use the HTTP Request Service Task.

By using this service task, you can send information of the case, and map the results back to variables or table fields.

Starting processes from external systems

A process can be started from an external system by inserting an action using the GraphQL Endpoints.

Actually, an external system can also complete any user task on behalf of a user, or perform any other task. Head to the GraphQL API documentation for more information.