Adding an app

We have some pre-built apps at to help you get started. Also, you always can create your own apps from scratch.

Adding a pre-built app

The easiest way to create an app is to find an app that matches your needs, add it, and customize it.

You can add a pre-built app using the following CLI command from a valid workspace folder:

sm add app

Select Add prebuilt app from, and then just choose the app you want to add.

You can then start customizing the app by modifying the files. After doing your changes, you can always validate your workspace by running sm validate.

Creating an app from scratch

You can create the scaffold for an empty app using the CLI as well. Type sm add app and then choose From Scratch.

The CLI will ask you a few questions, choose a random icon for you, and create your app YAML file.

After creating your empty app, you are ready to start defining your app by adding tables, processes, templates and custom business logic.

As you add elements to the app using the CLI, they will be created under the following structure by default:


You can change the structure by moving files to other folders or subfolders. The only requirement is that they should always be inside of an app folder or sub-folder. Also, apps should always be in their own folder in a valid workspace.